First blog post

Welcome! imageI’ve decided to write this blog as my online journal/notebook.  With a hard working husband, a 9 year old boy coming into his own, an adventurous 2 year old girl and being 6 months pregnant with our third there is never a dull moment in our Rickettedly awesome lives.  “Rickettedly awesome” is a phrase I started using to describe our hectic little family life and adventures, it started as a hashtag on Instagram and quickly I started using it in everyday conversation. In this online journal I will discuss my thoughts, adventures or lack there of, our pregnancy journey this go around, being a work at home mom with the energizer tot running our whole world and a young man just trying to find peace and quiet to play his Minecraft and seek out Pokemon; a wild chocolate lab pup and a needy feline complete the crew.  This will basically be a day in the life blog that allows me to share and hopefully get feedback, advice, some giggles along the way!


One thought on “First blog post

  1. Malcolm says:

    So happy to see this blog/journal! I’ve been waiting to see this specific blog for years. I can’t wait for the rest of your journey to shared with us. Thanks for thinking of us all!

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