Is Santa Real?🎅🏽

Our boy is growing up…

last night after he pulled a loose tooth from his mouth and gleefully said “I’m going to put this under my pillow for the tooth fairy.” I thought to myself hmm I wonder how much longer he will believe in the tooth fairy { but come’on it’s easy to believe in something that gives money…such as the magic of Power Ball}

Well as I’m strolling down the hall a voice calls my name and the dreaded question, the one we have avoided or danced around for a couple years is asked ” hey mom, is Santa real?” 😳


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For years when the question comes up I get a knot in my stomach, is this the year I will have to come clean and reveal all the magic? For years, I’ve said well what do you think? He usually responds saying well the kid in class said he’s not but I think he’s real — I breathe a sigh of relief as the magic lives on. * Because I have to admit I love the magic myself: tip toeing, elf on a shelf, Christmas stories and traditions and seeing their faces light up when they awake to presents that weren’t there before they went to bed *  Well guys, last night went differently I was cornered and as I tried to ask my usual question to move on from the topic ” well what do you think?” His response caught me off guard…he said NO our 9 year old a month and 9 days shy of his 10th birthday says “no, I don’t believe Santa is real” 😱 Oh the horror…I want to go back to when he was 5 and had breakfast with Santa, the jolly large man with blush covered “rosy”cheeks and the rented suit that smelled of mothballs, and said to me ” mommy I want everyday to be Christmas so I can see Santa!” *sobbing* Bring that kid back! image

I typed this little letter tell me what you think…

Dear Bman,
We knew the day would come when you would ask “is Santa real?” And this is the year that you found the answer within yourself, so your dad and I decided this is the right time to tell you. The answer is No, Santa, the man in the North Pole who rides in a sleigh with flying reindeer delivering packages all over the world is not real, but the magic of Santa is! You see Santa’s magic is to brighten the lives of children and bring the joy of the holiday season. Santa’s magic teaches us to believe in what we can’t see or touch and develops your imagination. Through your life your will need this understanding, the belief in something or someone such as yourself, family, friends and most importantly God.

Your dad and I have read your list, shopped for and wrapped your gifts and placed them under the tree. It has brought us great joy to watch your imagination grow and share in the spirit of magic. We did this the same as our parents (Papa T, MyDy, and MomMom) did for us and you will most likely do for your children.

Now, you have been entrusted with the magic and secret of please help us keep the magic of Santa alive. Hold tight to this so that other children especially your siblings can enjoy it the same way you have. I hope you never forget the love, joy and excitement you felt and that you will help pass that along to others. This is a great magic and you will soon see with your younger siblings watching them believe.

We hope that you have enjoyed Christmas and we look forward to you helping us continue the Christmas tradition and sharing the secret of the season!
Mom & Dad

How did you handle your child no longer believing in Santa–or the other magical beings? If your child still believes, how do you think you will handle this conversation?


2 thoughts on “Is Santa Real?🎅🏽

  1. Malcolm says:

    First I’d like to say that watching the little ones grow up. The Santa magic is definitely something that needs to stay with all of us. I believe that Christmas time should be a magical time for family to come together and enjoy the holiday…

    I really enjoy the letter you wrote. It’s a great way to segue a boy to a young man. Btw can I add that I can barely let my son grow up enough to start K-3. Lol but hey they all have to grow up sometime


    • Rickettedly Awesome says:

      It is truly magical especially when you see it through a kids eyes. So many people say I don’t want my kid believing a strange fat man brings them gifts I work hard for… And in my mind it’s so selfish eventually they find out it was you and that makes it all the more exciting not only do you work hard but you created the magic they looked forward to.


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