Happy World Breastfeeding Week ( . ) ( . ) !

Whether you are a soon-to-be mommy considering breastfeeding, a new mommy trying to get the hang of it, a mom with previous children that didn’t nurse/couldnt nurse due to complications, a veteran nursing mommy or a mom who has nursed and your babes are older and miss that bond… this post is for you!

Our oldest (son) will be 10 soon and youngest (daughter)  is 2, both nursed for 1 year (daughter was a little longer via once a night feedings). Both of them the mantra ” breast is best” echoed in my head and also I told myself it won’t last long. * I did supplement occasionally * hehe see how I snuck that in? But no seriously, I was not a fan of pumping so if the kids had to stay overnight or for my son I was public nursing shy { young! first child! and I required a nursing shield – it was tough fumbling with that, nursing cover and trying to get him to latch}

…so I would keep formula in the diaper bag. But I whole heartedly knew/know breast is the best for my children and I’m thankful that formula is available if needed but being able to hold my nuggets to breast and they can get all they need is empowering. Not to mention with our breast we know what they are getting with formula made in a factory we have no ideas what contaminants are in close proximity or hazards that can end up in our baby’s food – I cringe when I see recalls on baby items.

My nursing moms, past and present, don’t you love the smell of your baby? the way their tiny lips root for your nipple? the way they gaze into your eyes? the way their tiny hand grasps your finger? Or how you feel? ❤ so at peace taking in the moment, proud because this is what breasts were made for and you are nourishing your baby.                                                                                    image          or (for me it was all about us time – my husband could do bath time, diaper changing, playing during tummy time, take naps…but only I could nurse – our special bonding time)

I didn’t want this post to only be me gushing about breastfeeding (which I could go on and on- I’ll spare you all of that unless you ask nicely) I reached out to my friend Vicky, who is a Lactation Consultant, asking for a little advice and here is what she had to say:

“As a lactation consultant I am often asked if I could give ONE bit of advice to a new mom what would it be ? Well here it is ! Watch your baby, not your clock, watch or APP! Please, put your phone down and watch your baby! Before crying for food a baby usually grows squirmy, roots for breast, smacks lips or even makes sucking motions. These are all early indications that she’d like to be fed. Once she starts crying she’s almost certainly is hungry, though of course if you offer her the breast and she’s not interested, it could be that something else is bothering her.
If she cries, don’t look at the clock to try to gauge whether she “should” be hungry. If she is, then it’s fine to feed her. Babies don’t eat out of boredom or habit; they eat when they need to.
To many, the idea of having to feed your baby every hour and a half can seem crazy! You may have to educate them about the fact that breast milk is digested quickly and some babies need to drink often, especially newborns with their tiny stomachs. You might say something like, “She needs to eat often now, but it won’t be like this forever,” or “The doctor suggests I feed her whenever she’s hungry” . Also think of how many times you eat & drink in a day ! It may be a big meal or just a snack, a sip of water or a piece of gum; We are always putting something in our mouths so why do we expect our baby to be different?! She may be hungry for dinner or just a little bit thirsty ,which leads me to my favorite motto ” When in doubt , whip it out “😍”

There are a host of resources available from La Leche League to social media groups, local support groups, lactation consultants just a click away and even friends and family who are all about breast being best.

While many find nursing {pump life} challenging because many say they feel like a cow nursing on demand or like they are a slave to the pump around the clock 😧 it is truly rewarding, I’m not making that up.  But I will say what is one of the most important things is having an encouraging support system — it’s even more difficulty if everyone is pushing formula or telling you to give it up. So stay positive and be proud of your decision to nurse your baby and let the liquid gold flow!


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