It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Gearing up for back to school


how many parents are like us and give your kid a break during the summer ? {laxed on bedtime and wake time, laxed on screen time and don’t push school work} Well in our home our son has free range… he is free to enjoy his summer only thing we ask is take showers on a regular basis [ which you would be surprised how much push back we get], handle all your chores and read a book of your choice for 1 hour a day and once you have completed a book give mom{me} a paragraph or two about what the book was about. Well about a month before it’s time to head back to school we slowly adjust the bedtime and wake time so that he doesn’t end up in shock.

So… Starting starting this month his bedtime started at 10:30pm  and will work its way down to his school day bedtime of 8:30pm. And his wake time starts at 10:00am and will work its way down to his AM wake time for school of 7:00am. That’s not all though, he has also started his bridge workbooks for school. image We purchased these books from and paid no more than $18.00 for the both of them. Our soon-to-be 10 year old will be entering 4th grade {birthday cut-off, he always says he’s supposed to be a grade up every year} so these books are refreshers of what was covered in his previous year as well as gives him some idea of what to expect for the upcoming school year. Subjects covered are Math and English (vocab, spelling, reading comprehension).

Gotta’ keep the mind sharp! It’s not a lot of work …usually a page in each book front to back daily. It’s not meant to stress them or have them sitting for hours but to get the mind working again <focus>. Our son is easily distracted when in class so here he has numerous distractions such as his 2 year old sister biting the erasers off all his pencils, smacking him in his head, coloring in his books and just being a whole handful so he sure will be all set to take on classroom distractions. <If you can handle tot screams you can handle classroom chatter >

I highly recommend these books for a parent that isn’t home school teacher material but wants to keep their child’s mind active by sprinkling in a little painless school work.

I’m interested in hearing from other parents, caregivers and teachers…what do you do to prepare your child[children] for back to school? Any tips or tricks for a smooth transition? I would love to get some fresh ideas that we can keep in the parenting guidebook for later use.




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