30 weeks & Road Tripping

Currently traveling 401 miles in the car for approximately 7 hours and crossing through 6 states to spend a week of relaxation with family. Screenshot_2016-08-22-15-03-33How do you stay comfortable? How do you figure out your ETA when you have to make frequent stops? There should’ve a pregnancy setting on the Waze or Google maps app

have to keep my water intake up and with a growing baby thumping on the bladder and road bumps it’s recipe for accidents -and I don’t mean motor vehicle- {I kid, well kinda} so have to stop and make frequent bathroom visits

I have to tell ya we carry our 2 yr old’s portable potty and I seriously considered using it during the ride so we didn’t have to stop again and again. The only reason I seriously reconsidered was the fact that it’s super tiny and way low to the ground it would be a mission fail with some disgusted road trip mates wondering why the eff didn’t I just ask them to pull over. And I imagined that even though in the van with my brothers and their girlfriends and my parents there is nothing grand about having to have them help lift my pregnant booty off a tiny seat on the floor of a rental van-while I wince in pain because my sciatica is too much-all the while knocking over a tiny tot pot full of pee {No Thanks I’ll pass and keep my dignity}and yup  all of that flashed before my eyes.

since getting pregnant this go around, I haven’t taken a trip longer than an hour so I’m unsure if I swell but occasionally I’ve been flexing and pointing my feet and making circles s well as raising my arms above my head and making wrist circles starting in one direction and then changing directions. Figured it be best to keep the circulation going and keep my mind on that instead of the car full talking about Pokemon GO and Poke stops [insert eye roll]

So for me, keeping my legs elevated, shoes kicked off, snacks on deck is how I stay comfortable; And with my parents driving gives me a chance to check emails, pay bills, return texts and work on my blog, of course!


2 thoughts on “30 weeks & Road Tripping

    • Rickettedly Awesome says:

      Shoot thank you for the back support tip my lower back and tailbone were sore as well as my ribs idk if I was slumped over or if it was an internal factor. Haha Yesss headphones for sure I threatened to hide chargers if this all keeps up


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