To Wine or Not to Wine?.

ever heard the saying “Time to Wine Down”? haha it’s not common I just came across the meme and it made me chuckle.

imageMy husband, friends and family, social media followers, clerks at Wine & Spirits know of my love for wine– sweet, tasty, delicious wine {at one point I may have been called a lush…ok I was called a lush} I digress, my love for wine is real! During my pregnancies I’ve always been told I could have a small glass in my 3rd trimester but I always stated that I could wait to make the glass that much more enjoyable {at least that’s what I tell myself to make it thru} but deep down it’s to rid myself of guilt. Like I think way down the road when our kid does or says something stupid I’m going to silently blame myself “shouldn’t have had that glass when pregnant”

welp, this past week while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard my parents brought my favorite wine and my dad had made the most incredible steak dinner so I said to myself “THIS, is the night!”


Magical glass

This is the night I have that one glass I’ve wanted to have my previous 2 pregnancies but was too much of a chicken shit to…but you know what our 9 year old says and does stupid stuff all the time – most times leaving me with a puzzled ‘what the F*ck’ look on my face while asking him “seriously, who does that”? {naturally it’s a rhetorical question because he has no effin clue without a plan to get one, I realize it’s just kids.

I say all that to say Yup, I did it! And it was magnificent the wine paired perfectly with dinner, my buds did a happy dance and I finally just relaxed instead of being the uptight preggie woman that What to Expect When Expecting Bible groomed me to be…you should hear me in my head….oh no don’t eat sushi, oh no rollercoasters{but you love rollercoasters}, no yummy oysters {omg, I know who goes to the New England states and doesn’t enjoy those} umm hmm it’s that bad I narrate the preggie bible in my head and I read it over 10 years ago.

so yeah, image

I grabbed that glass of delicious red wine, I sniffed it, I swirled it around in my glass made of plastic and I took that first sip{it was so good once it touched my lips and then the tip of tongue} I held that first sip in my mouth for what seemed like minutes and smiled and felt a rush of pure euphoria run thru my body–that evening it didn’t get any better that– steak and sweet red red wine you make me feel so fine.

this seems to be an area where some doctors disagree and some moms judge…some do it but don’t speak about it while others are outspoken about indulging in a glass often in their last trimester. While this isn’t a regular occurrence for me I must say it was quite nice to indulge.

What are your thoughts on 3rd trimester sips? Do you think it’s terrible and any mom who would is just terrible? Are you someone who says “it’s not my thing but I have friends who have and that’s their choice”? or are you all the way in saying treat yourself my doc said it was okay in moderation?


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