toddler’s artwork

The other day on the news I saw that there was going to be a special in-depth report about grafitti in Philadelphia and how it costs the city all this money….well if you walk through our house you can see that we have a grafitti artist in the making. She has tagged important documents, baseboards, innocent shelves lying around to be hung, walls in her brothers room {where her finest most detailed work is}, night stands and at times she’s so skilled…herself.  I have said over and over write on paper and have provided scratch paper and coloring books for her enjoyment – but nope her itchy fingers if they get ahold of anything she can write with she heads straight for  an open plot of space to tag.

Thankful for eggshell paint and magic erasers but on the other hand sharpie markers up against anything and there must be some repainting.

any tips or tricks for how to get her to channel that creativity and artistic expression onto paper? <Time-outs and discussions> tried them she says okay mommy and next thing I know I find a newly tagged area. HELP!


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