Create a FANTASY!


Tonight is the night….he will throw on something comfortable… reach down for that long, thick, hard object take it into his big strong hands as you watch him with anticipation of a wonderful evening. Your lips part to tell him how you can’t wait…and just then he turns to you and looks deep in your eyes {you just know he is about to say the sweetest thing} he leans in and your heart is beating and he says to you ” babe can you grab me a beer out of the fridge the game is about to start” *click* (on comes the TV) that’s right ladies Football season has officially started no more preseason games it’s go time.


I have one or two suggestions if you can’t beat them join them! Create/Join a fantasy football league there are various sites you can use [ESPN, CBS sports,Yahoo,, etc] so gather your girls or family and get it started. Even if you know nothing about football or teams and players you will start to watch the games to see how your players perform –you will find  yourself cheering and getting upset but above it all you and your guy can bond.  My second suggestion is if you are super competitive, start betting your guy on the game and it doesn’t have to be money that is on the line….hmm could be food, treats, or perhaps something sexual — it’s your call.

So instead of dreading this season grab a bottle of wine and join your man on the couch for some friendly competition that could end in some satisfying results!


2 thoughts on “Create a FANTASY!

    • Rickettedly Awesome says:

      Thanks it definitely is a way to keep friendly competition going and to wiggle your way as a woman into the man’s interest and can’t help but get into it and pick up some things along the way


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