my SONshine

The day my motherhood journey began…image

I was at the tender age of 19 {oh, I guess I can be honest on here} okay I was at the tender age of 24. After 10 hours of labor this light baby with reddish hair and bright pink lips emerged – he was so beautiful. Such an easy baby…didn’t cry unless he was hungry or wanted mommy cuddles. He and I were inseparable. I couldn’t bear to go back to work leaving him so I quit my job and started working from home part-time.  I felt as though no one could care for him the way I could.  I had also started my breastfeeding journey ❤ he and I struggled with it at first but once we got the hang of it he really packed on the pounds.

Happy healthy baby what more could I ask for…fast forward 10 YEARS….where does time go? He’s still happy and healthy but certainly not a baby anymore. image

He was my life’s calm… He came during a time when I was discovering who I was as a woman-learning my true strengths-living through challenges all while battling in a relationship (marriage) that wasn’t right for him or I – it wasn’t easy or pleasant and it tested everything in me. But through it all he and I survived and came out stronger than ever. There is no way I could let the day pass after 10 years without reflecting on how far we have both come!

He’s grown own into a wonderful little guy I look forward to every milestone and being there through it  — all along with the village that stands behind us in support.



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