3rd trimester and bumpin’

the beginning of my pregnancy moved in slow motion and now it seems to be on auto pilot for a bullet train. I need more time! This past Sunday, I hit 34 weeks (assuming baby stays til due date that is 6 weeks away (YIKES!)) way different tune from my first two with them I couldn’t wait, I wanted them out but this sour patch kid, I’m just like HOLD’ON! Mommy needs more time to handle some things, fix up some stuff in our new old house but I know for a fact, life never goes as I plan. Sooooo thought I would drop in with a little bump update.

How Are You Feeling? (The question most ask and I wonder do they really care…well)

I have my good days, when I’m moving and grooving able to work from my desk without needing constant breaks, without swelling up like the state puff man and babe not hanging out on my lungs. Other days I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck, stuff hurts in my under region that I can’t even explain how or what it feels like.  My tiny frame can only hold so much weight so as baby gets heavier my hips kill and I can barely walk.  I’ve been blessed this pregnancy with terrible sciatic nerve pain (oh my goodness) oh and magically for the past 2 and a half weeks I’ve had a friend come out from the dark region… a painful experience so after this unfriendly visit it’s slowly returning to the depths in which it came out of (finally I can sit comfortably-somewhat). But my plan is to stay hydrated, focus on the positive and do my best to make it through the tough days knowing there are many more to come–with I’m sure some unpleasant bodily changing surprises. But hey I actually look fantastic–weight is all belly and thighs woot woot!

How’s SPK (sour patch kid) aka Baby Ricketts?

funny you should ask…I would say doing well and thriving in utero– a nice healthy heartbeat, plenty of movement, twisting and turning. Which brings me to the next update as of right now baby R is breech.  Not to worry our midwife has sent me home with yoga positions I can do to hopefully encourage this little one to roll and stay in the right position. They have also suggested acupuncture, acupressure and chiro and if all else fails we have an appointment in 2 weeks to meet to discuss external turning (but we will cross that bridge if/when we get there). I will post an update after our 36 week appointment.

What I Love to Eat?

this kid and momma really love meat <beef> to be exact. Burgers, steak (cooked medium), tacos and ribs. mMMmmm. But also I can’t start the day without 2 fried eggs usually on a slice of buttered toast with spinach, tomato and a slice of cheese… delish! Once I eat it baby seems to be happy and settles down. When I eat anything else cereal with milk, waffles or oatmeal my belly is full but SPK seems disinterested and I get this weird feeling that doesn’t seem to be corrected till I chug water and make fried eggs (strange I know- hence the reason we call this kid SPK).  Our other fave is Friendly’s Reese’s Pieces ice cream sundaes – though hubs brought me home strawberry cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and I was in heaven!

What is my main focus?

well my main focus is keeping up with my prenatal yoga at least once a week at Art & Soul Yoga, I truly attribute it to me feeling delicious and also it helps prepare me with moves and positions for a healthy productive natural labor. Another focus is maintaining a healthy sex life with my husband I’m definitely not the pregnant woman with a low sex drive or that’s repulsed by her husband{nope} gimme,gimme! Lol but serious the best advice that we both smiled at was midwives saying the more sexually active you are during your pregnancy the easier labor will be — now I don’t know if it’s true but why not do our part if it could possibly make this natural birthing experience easier?! And lastly my main focus is to really embrace and do my best to enjoy this pregnancy…this is the last (knock on wood, carry a lucky rabbits foot, pray hubs gets a vasectomy and the God understands that I’m tapping out).




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