Plan to birth or Birth according to plan

What’s in a birthing plan?

10 years ago my birth plan was 4 pages back to back {I kid you not} I printed it offline from a website. I had everything planned from once I arrived in labor and delivery (L&D), to the lighting in the hospital room, to the caregivers  ( I signed a form to allow medical students to be present for the learning experience). I also had details about who I wanted to be present and in what capacity. Then came the medical portion… Ummm the usual no episiotomy, NO EPIDURAL(Yup, I had it in my plan) and a whole bunch more.

fast forward 8 years…

My birth plan may have been about one single sided page. That I attributed to the practice I was at, I didn’t know anyone closely (except a doc that no longer delivered babies so I couldn’t see him past 12 weeks) –such a bummer–I just went to my appointment and left – felt disconnected. Thankfully my husband was present at every appointment. But when it came down to it I felt like what’s the point these people at this practice don’t care they will do whatever they want. I did one anyway, this time it included: no episiotomy ( I assume everyone reading knows what that is but if youdon’t it’s when the doctor cuts your taint from the roota to the toota, instead of allowing for a natural tear) this time I stated once I arrive in L&D I would like the anesthesiologist to arrive promptly to hook up the epidural, didn’t care about the lighting, said NO to students and made it be known I wanted my husband to cut the cord.

2 years later back at it again

Our birthing center asks that we have it complete by around 36 weeks and I am drawing a blank. Today, at 35 weeks, I want to grab a post it note and doodle on it….maybe draw a thought cloud and in it (…). But this go around I know that as long as we are in the birthing center it’s about me and baby so whatever I want in whatever moment they are all for…if we want to video or take pics, if I want to walk around nude, if I want it pitch black, if I want to labor on a chair, toilet, ball, my knees, my head…whatever…they are all about it! It’s a great feeling they are all about bonding so they won’t even touch our baby for an hour, they delay cord clamping, they encourage breastfeeding and skin to skin once baby enters the world…soooo not much to write on my post it note.


so how about my readers…what did you absolutely have to have  written in your birth plan? Did you have a birth plan and when everything was said and done it was as if that plan was run through the shredder? If you have more than one child after the first was your birth plan as detailed? Do you think having a birthing plan is a big mind f¥€k? (Like you have this carefully written leave no stone unturned plan and when it all goes down that plan wasn’t or couldn’t be followed, so you are upset)



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