Pregnant Again?.

Have you ever heard a more cringe worthy question?.

…it’s like you are the Duggars and you are at 20 and counting

…it’s like you have 6 children all 10 months apart

…it’s like you have been mistaken for bunnies


well that wasn’t the question it was GIRL…ARE YOU HAVING ANOTHER ONE!?!?!?! But what I heard was DAMN, YOU PREGNANT AGAIN????

BUT it got me thinking, are we now the generation that puts off having children till later in life but then only have one…maybe two? So they judge and are almost shocked when the number of children out numbers the parents. I shouldn’t say judge it’s more like a “WHY, would you do that” as they look at you puzzled. And then they joke that with their one child maybe they should “catch up.” Ummm I had no clue this was a race…I sort of thought we just do whatever the hell we want in our little bubble and you do the same in yours. It’s not like we are setting up Go Fund Me accounts to help us raise our many children or better yet we don’t have any tv commercials or a telethon asking to sponsor one of our children for cents a day. Like Geez…we are on our 3rd child with no plan for more.

From now on maybe I should respond with that judgey I almost feel sorry for you tone {you know the one your mother gives you when you don’t want to follow her advice or you didn’t marry who she wanted you to} like “aww and you just have the one child, is that correct?” Then followup with a small nod  saying “oooohhhh mm” *while tilting head ever so slightly to the left*

This is 2016 drive in your lane…everything isn’t for everybody. So have as many or as few as you would like, adopt or foster, join Angelina in the quest for a diverse loveable bunch or just plain old decide to have a bunch furry kids–just make sure you are happy!


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