Breech Baby: Our Current Situation


External Cephalic Version (ECV) This is a method used to get a breech baby to turn head down. The doctor or midwife gently massages/manipulates the baby into a head down position.



The doctor stated there is a 50/50 chance baby will turn a stay head down. It was also stated that there is about a 15% chance that after 36 weeks baby will turn on his/her own.


Cord entanglement, dislodging of placenta and baby’s heart rate dropping and not coming back up(naturally it’s monitored). These can all result in mom needing an emergency c-section.


Today at 36 weeks and 2 days Baby Ricketts is¬†still breech. Had a consultation at the hospital to see if we are in fact candidates for the external version method — turns out we are– after an ultrasound it was determined baby is measuring nicely and there is a nice amount of fluid surrounding baby. ¬†Doctor stated that they would like to the version at 37 weeks before 38 weeks. They perform the turn on the labor floor, they coordinate with our midwife, anesthesiologist and treat it as if we are prepping for surgery so I will be unable to eat or drink for hours before, they hook me up to an IV and then they start the otherwise uncomfortable external version. So the question is with a 50% chance do we go ahead with the turning in hopes of being able to get baby to turn and fulfill our birthing plan of a vaginal delivery at the birthing center but knowing in the back of our minds there is a risk that we may end up bringing in baby? Do we try all possible methods and pray baby turns on his/her own? If baby doesn’t then we will have to be scheduled for a c-section because they do not want us going into labor with a breech baby, especially because it’s our 3rd and labor can progress quickly and there is no vaginal delivery of breech babies.

We are planning to sit and discuss this evening and decide how we plan to proceed… STAY TUNED


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