Labor Day


Baby Ricketts was breach — at 37 weeks and 4 days we went to the hospital for the External Cephalic Version which was successful!

37weeks 5 days woke early AM to steady contractions for 2 hours I thought it might be go time but they didn’t increase in intensity. Had steady contractions the days following more annoying than anything and I had never experienced this with my other pregnancies I just went straight to active labor.

LABOR DAY – TUESDAY OCTOBER 18th -38 weeks 2  days

Hubs had left for work at 430am and I was in LaLa dream land. Next thing I know I was awakened by pain in my dreams around 700am. Only the pain wasn’t in my dreams…I layed in bed for a bit just waiting and feeling until I suddenly got a feeling that my stomach was upset and needing to use the bathroom – I did but there was no relief.

Our 10 year old was getting ready for school and I told him I needed his help handed him a stopwatch and put him on timing duty while I called the midwife, returned some texts and ran around frantically trying to pack bags for kids, for me, etc (yup a bit unprepared I had started my bag but didn’t finish). The contractions were coming in around 3-5 minutes lasting about 30 seconds, they were manageable I just breathed through them.

I texted  my husband saying “I think it’s time” he immediately texts me back [TXT:should I come home] I told him I would call the midwife and then get back to him. The last thing I wanted was him to come off his route, rush home only to find it was false labor. The midwife on call asked if I had my bloody show (nope, I hadn’t – never did with my other two either) she also asked if my water broke ( umm nope to that, never had with my other kids they always had to break it) butt it was morning rush hour (which without traffic our ride is 45 minutes) and my regular appointment at the birthing center wasn’t till 12pm so didn’t want to chance it being our 3rd child and being unsure how quickly I would progress so she advised me to remain calm try to eat something with protein and carbs and to drink plenty of fluids and make my way in. I told husband and he was on the way back to get his car and then the decision became do I drive myself (which he didn’t want) or do I sit and wait for him to make it through traffic to come to the house to get us and then we sit in traffic to get to the center. We (I) decided it would be best if I drove and I knew I could handle it. I called my mom who was to be room labor support but she was in Maryland and with traffic wouldn’t make it up, I messaged my best woman who was to be our in room labor support and photographer to capture the moments but she was in New York on the train to work and more importantly she wouldn’t make it either. I called my labor support friend Vicky for encouragement and kind words imageas I hit a wall of traffic while trying to breathe through contractions, both kids in the car with the job to tell mommy to breathe and they did. I was starting to panic the traffic was bad and I was worried I would end up delivering on the side of the highway – I looked for a police officer in case I needed an escort — my best woman told me if it gets bad to just put on my hazard lights and drive on the shoulder. I exited the highway and took back roads. I called my father to see if he would be near to tend to the kids once I got to the center he asked “why are you driving” I said I’m okay I didn’t want to risk waiting for hubs who was now on his way straight to the center. My dad then asked “why didn’t you call the ambulance” and to be honest I never thought about it I just breathed through the contractions and was determined to get to the center.

I arrived at the center around 930am. They took me straight to the birthing suite and my Ma was waiting for me so she could tend to the kids, hubs arrived shortly after and he jumped right in. imageHe set up my scent bug with lavender oils (will talk about this in another post) and offered encouraging words. Around 940 they checked my cervix and I was 4cm almost 5cm dilated with a bulging bag and baby was posterior (baby is facing my abdomen which can present pain and difficulty during labor and delivery)  At this point I’m nude from the waist down bouncing on the exercise ball imageand breathing through my contractions which had increased in intensity…I was in my zone breathing and moaning and telling myself repeatedly I can do thismy body was made for this…ride this wave it’s going up will peak and then go back down….and my midwife told me to ride that wave and when I reach the top feel the warm sunshine on my face.  As I was contracting the nurse was constantly monitoring baby’s heart rate to make sure baby was happy. Suddenly the pain got so intense I could no longer sit on the ball…I had to walk around the room, hop up and down and at one point I tried to climb on the bed but I couldn’t and just then (splash all over the floor) my water broke {thought to myself oh! that’s what that feels like} and the pain was so intense and I felt like I had to push or make a bowel movement. At this point I’m moaning loudly…still breathing through it chanting loudly “I can do this…I can do this. In that moment I ended up on the floor on all fours and husband quickly grabs the frankincense essential oil and massages my lower back and uterus. The pain and pressure was so intense I tell the nurse I have to poop or push and she tells me to listen to my body…I ask are you sure [I’m thinking no one has checked me how do I know I’m at 10cm] I’m used to the doctors in the hospital saying okay now it’s time to push. Well in the moment the nurse opened the door to call the midwife back in and hubs is massaging — I scream out “I have to puuuuuusssshhhh” as I’m pushing everything released [I mean everything] but I couldn’t speak to tell husband I think the baby’s head is crowning (no pain, just pressure) so he’s still massaging I rock back and next thing I know baby tucks and rolls onto the mat {that’s right no one caught the baby because no one knew baby was coming out}, and I couldn’t open my mouth and I was shaking so much I couldn’t reach down to grab, but baby was out crying! The midwife said grab your baby but I couldn’t I was shaking and a bit in shock, they all held me while I grabbed our baby and they moved us up to the bed. NO fuss or complications I felt great, I felt no pain I was just floating I was amazed and freaked out at the same time and hubs just kept saying you did it.

At 10:23 am our handsome prince had arrived!






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