Need nice PUMPS

Little guy is now 1 month old ( I know time flies)  and he’s been such a treat.  I love the cuddles, snuggles and around the clock breastfeeding.  But my struggle is and always has been PUMPING…being a slave to the pump.  So while I work from home it’s not necessary that I build up a stash to feed baby while away during the work day…but I would like to have a stash for times when I have to step out or date night with hubs.

At this age and stage, our nugget eats every 2 – 3 hours with 3 hours being the max time between feedings.  I have said to myself maybe pump every hour to hour and a half {in my mind} but I get so nervous like what if baby wakes and I’m empty (not being able to nourish my baby worries me). My friends who are champion pumpers, also great with routines/schedules {not my strong areas}, have given me a few suggestions. I will share these suggestions and hope that if there is a mommy out there who is like me (not great with schedules/routines) can share what they do to build up a small stash.

  1. Immediately after baby feeds pump to empty out each boob (this is what I have been doing except I don’t do it each time baby nurses) – same friend said to right now store 2-3 ounce bags since babe is small and isn’t taking in a bunch of ounces.
  2. Pump one boob while baby is nursing on the other (as the feature picture shows I’ve done it that way) but even with my hands free pumping bra it was a bit of a pain- I would rather nurse baby, put him down then pump.
  3. Pump between when baby usually nurses so if he nurses every two hours then pump every hour for a week or so to build up supply (that’s excessive and strenuous). I think that kind of schedule is more for a mom pumping to go back to work.
  4. Add in a pump time same time everyday…so say 11am everyday and even if at first I just get a trickle keep pumping at that time and eventually milk will be available to pump. So that time is solely for pumping and storing. This seems to be doable for me and my disdain for the pump.

So naturally I’ve been drinking lots of water to not only keep my supply plentiful but also to battle the fuglies (F’n uglies) of postpartum[new post coming soon about the after baby fuglies].


Please comment with your pump advice or suggestions.


4 thoughts on “Need nice PUMPS

  1. Vicky says:

    I sat don’t stress over pumping ! Especially if u aren’t ” going back to work” If you just want to have ” just in case ” or date night milk you only really need a couple bags in the freezer. ( which I agree .. small amounts in each ) But you don’t need a huge stock pile . If u nurse before u leave .. then he got a bottle after 2 -3 hrs , he wouldn’t need to eat again for another 2-3 .. that gives you 4-6 hrs ! That’s a long date lol
    Also he won’t starve 😉 As far as when u pump ..personally I hate pumping too !! I only would when I was away from my babes for comfort . But I would say pick the time you feel fullest and pump . So if you know you are going out one night in near future .. and you are super full at 6 am when baby wakes .. set alarm for 5 and double pump for 15 min . You’ll prob have the most output . Drain your breasts and signal more .. milk will be there for babe no matter what just my opinion 🙂 No rite or wrong way , just gotta find what works best for u !

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    • Rickettedly Awesome says:

      Thanks for breaking that down for sure that would be ideal I worry that people think everything my babe cries it’s for milk so my stash disappears -sigh- but yeah I like a nice freezer stash though we don’t have any weekend getaways with no babes planned I like to be prepared. I’m going to pay attention to when i feel my fullest I’m not sure I know. Thank you so much for commenting and as always your advice


  2. Alesia says:

    You are so stinking cute N! You are doing an awesome job and you took me back to my earlier days with Jax now he’s about to be a year and it comes easier than those first few months. You’ll never really be empty as our boobs are constantly producing milk but the milk changes over the feed/pump so if you were to pump every hour and nurse … he wouldn’t be getting the foremilk and hindmilk needed. Keep up the schedule you have of pumping after he nurses completely. Early am (2-6am) is when you’ll get the most too. Try drinking electrolyte water (smart water, but whole foods has their brand in larger bottles) and it helps to rehydrate your cells and make more milk. At least I find that when I drink about 2 a day in addition to my regular water intake, I get more oz of milk. Keep up the good work and your beautiful family appreciates you.

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    • Rickettedly Awesome says:

      Thank you love for the feedback. OH I didn’t know about the electrolyte water I will for sure give that a try. It’s funny you say those times bc that seems to be when he nurses the most and wants to be up longer. But yeah I don’t have it in me to pump every hour right now I’m pumping like every other day I so suck at pumping consistently. I’m going to try electrolyte water for sure, do you have any snacks you enjoy while pumping/nursing?


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