How did you celebrate ringing in the New Year?!

Did any of you notice the hike in gas prices? It just jumped up on us like we wouldn’t notice.

Do you set new goals? Make a new year’s resolution? 

Every year I make a new year’s resolution to floss my teeth more (I’m terrible with it- not that I forget I just don’t want to) my least favorite thing to do. Sooo every year I say this is the year my dentist won’t shake his head and lecture me. But this year my friends I won’t even set myself up for the self let down. I’m just going to say I will stay the course and that is to PRAY more, LOVE hard, LIVE every moment to the fullest, and LAUGH a lot…like a lot more and take more {ME} time! 

I can’t be the best {ME}, wife, mother, daughter, sister, soror, friend, worker and chill individual if i don’t focus inward. Without meditating, focusing on my center, working on my relationship with God, learning and growing.



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