Breakfast Habits

Unless it’s the weekend and I am out at a restaurant or diner, I struggle with eating breakfast! But this last pregnancy “helped” or should I say forced me eat breakfast and to be mindful of what I ate.  The fetus that took over my body for 38 weeks was extremely picky. I used to do yogurt as breakfast at times with a little granola:REJECTED that was a no go during my pregnancy and now the thought of it makes me nauseous. Fruit:REJECTED, tea:REJECTED, bagels/muffins/toast:EH I was left feelijg blah. I would do cereal(raisin bran crunch) as a middle of the night snack during pregnancy and I never wanted it for breakfast the thought of it made my stomach turn. Well omlettes became my go to and was one of my major cravings…EGGS. Then that evolved because I couldn’t make omlettes or pickup from the local diner every morning so I started frying two eggs and topping with a slice of american cheese, spinach (sneaking in my greens and fiber), tomato, sometimes fresh basil if I had it and that was my go to daily. 

Fast forward…

Baby is now here and I am back to work and with nursing I have to stay on top of my water intake as well as caloric intake but I’m struggling with eating breakfast… it becomes lunch. I take care of baby, toddler, assist our oldest so he can get off to school then I log in for work and I just work work work – tummy growling – but I ignore it off while sipping my water. So I decided to make a more conscious effort to fuel my body. Here are my go to breakfast foods so far: 

  • Oatmeal with raisins and crushed almonds ( this is great because oatmeal is listed as a food that helps with milk supply)
  • Bagel with butter and jelly 
  • Cereal usually Cheerios topped with granola and fresh fruit (thankful I can eat fruit again because I couldn’t throughout my pregnancy) and a drizzle of honey 
  • (Newest addition) Green smoothie which contains ice,spring water, spinach, frozen mango, and half a green apple cored and quartered *I want to start adding flaxseed and maybe a protein powder but for now this is delish*

There are so many great options out there to fuel the body and more importantly that aren’t junk that are quick, easy and don’t take a lot of time that you don’t have to prep. I am also considering make ahead breakfast burritos and other delights I will share when I take that step–stay tuned.

Please comment with some of your go to breakfast foods that are quick, easy, healthy and delicious.


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