The other day I was tuned in to Dr. OZ who had a segment on different apps and websites that can put some extra money in our pockets. One that peaked my interest is IBOTTA.


Now as much as I want to be a coupon clipping, starbucks holding, bargain shopping, grocery store hopping mama…sadly in the words of Sweet Brown “ain’t nobody got time for that” I just don’t have the spare time and if I do I sure don’t want to spend it doing that. So this app offers rebates [cash back] and coupons for doing what all of us(people that eat) do and that’s *cue jazz hands* grocery shopping, yayyyy… well it actually takes it a little further in that it includes other retail stores as well.  So you shop and when you leave you take a picture of your receipt and the app tell you which items you will receive a rebate on and to expect it within 48 hours.

Step 1. Download the app from your app store (for free)

Step 2. Sign up. The app give you the option of signing up with Facebook, Google+ or your email.

Step 3. Browse through a list of stores screenshot_2017-01-19-20-27-57.pngand select the stores your frequent. The list can be narrowed down by your local area.


Step 4. For the grocery stores they ask you to provide the rewards card number or scan it.


Step 5. Check out the coupons and deals


Step 6. Shop, check out, take a photo of barcodes, your receipts and voila…rebates $$$

I gave it a try the other day after I ran to the grocery store for a few things

I ran through the list of things rebates were offered on

I came home and I scanned the barcodes

Then I took a photo of my receipt for verification

And just like that an alert that the rebates will be added to my account.

Wasn’t a grueling process and took less time than clipping and losing my coupons. Once I reach $20.00 I can cash out either by PayPal or Venmo…they also give the option to select a giftcard. I’m going to give it a full month trial before I decide if it’s worth it. But upon first use I would say it’s a step in the right track like using coupons I forget to use in store but it’s okay because I can redeem them through the app!

Would you like to try it?


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