Save a little for yourself 

As our 2 year old stares me down as I’m eating my mid-day snack of cheese and crackers she parts her lips to ask me for some {mind you I just made her lunch, grilled cheese and orange slices at her request} I told her NO! And she scoffed at me and proceeded to ask again as if I hadn’t heard her the first time 

and my response was “NO, this is mommy’s” and she says you aren’t sharing…I almost hit the roof. This little taker had the audacity to think me to be a bad mommy and flip around my lessons about sharing to about apply it to herself. Her freshly made sandwich sat there untouched *rolls eyes*…I shared…I shared my time, energy, and effort to make her a dish {she requested} to have her give me the death stare like I took her lunch. 
Made me think…as parents we are constantly giving so there is nothing wrong with keeping somethings for yourself. Those cookies that are just for you. Your favorite ice cream, chips, etc. Treat yourself to a small before your children arrived moment– You shouldn’t feel guilty when your children are well taken care of and you reserve a little something for you. And nothing wrong with sticking your tongue out and say “NO, MINE!” After all we deserve it — we give and we give and the rare time we don’t our little entitled takers can’t handle it. Well, I call it a life lesson.  

You can’t always get what you want. You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes well you just might find, you get what ya need! ~The Rolling Stones

So reveal your stash, come out of the closet, stop burying wrappers, don’t worry if that chips bag is making all the noise in the world and their ears perk up…you know why because it’s yours and you can say that to your children…this is mine! 


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