Traveling with Babe

Just stopped by this wonderful blog because it caught my attention as we prepare to fly with our soon to be 4 mos old in a couple weeks. The tips and advice provided are super helpful, easy to remember and I especially love the product links. Looking forward to a smooth traveling experience!



Don’t freak out.  Don’t be intimidated. You can do it!

Here’s how we travel with a 3 to 8 month old babe.  What do you do??

1. Buying your tickets
Children fly free up until 2 yrs old. When purchasing your flights ensure that you add an infant while making your reservation. If the online checkout doesn’t have the option, then call the airline after purchase. Airlines seat you in window seats and in certain sections of the plane. Best to not just show up with an infant. It may mess up their whole seating setup. To avoid issues through security, ensure they give you a boarding pass for the baby or include her name on your boarding pass

2. Baggage
Your carry on will now mostly be a baby travel survival kit. So you’ll most likely check a bag. Ensure you check pricing for that for each airline.


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