I’m Back!

I took a little break from blogging not because I had nothing to write about but because I had so much to write about I became overwhelmed with the thought of it. And also, I kept saying to myself that I wanted this to just be a blog about our lives and realizing that my life is all about the kids…well it was a tad bit of a gut punch. No matter how fun, cool and free spirited I am my days encompass taking care of kids and their needs from sun up to sun down. I work from home so there is no separation or break from that reality. Not that I’m complaining but I thought I would have more to offer up. So I will pick up where I left off and toss in some nuggets that let you know that there is still a bad ass super weird chic in this kinda crunchy, kid-loving, baking, minivan driving mom shell.


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