Spring Instrumental Concerts are to parents what cleaning toilets after mystery meat taco lunch is to janitors… 

But gotta do it…

When my son told me he wanted to play the drums I dreaded the idea, thinking he would be banging on a drum every day and it would get to the point that it seemed like he was banging on my skull. BUT…little did I know the layover to playing a drum would be much worse 》》》 xylophone. Bman has wanted to play the drums for years now and jumped at the chance when he realized he could leave Strings and Make the Band(ha, see what I did there) he’s now in Band no longer in orchestra. I enjoyed orchestra such sweet sounds! But this band gig when I tell ya I struggled…that wasn’t even the word. While he and his band of fellas, all grinning through the gateway instrument, hit their keys with precision each time it felt like a cat scratching my ear drums…coupled with some wind instruments not quite registering as music to me (perhaps that’s why the Band director plays background tracks during the performance) I don’t know but this was extremely difficult however they tackled a few threenager faves like Twinkle Twinkle and Jingle Bells and the always popular Hot Cross Buns!

As we are walking to the car my son asks the dreaded question, “Mom, what was your favorite? ” and I immediately start humming ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ citing that as my favorite song they played…my son straight face said “we didn’t play that song”…oh, well I like that rock song where it was just the percussions [he told me the name, I forgot it again, oops]. 

I know, I know I’ve got to do better if he’s going to stick with the band I’ve got to put on my big momma pants (usually leggings or jeggings) and get into it. But orchestra was so pretty their songs so whimsical and delightful to the ear –someone may say a tad boring– but most of the tunes played are on my relaxation playlist. 

So word of advice…when your kid, in elementary school says he wants to play the drum think long and hard and consider this a warning…say no to the gateway instrument or prepare to hear keys that could summon Apollo (Greek God of Music) or wake a mummy in the deepest tomb. 



Ha did that title grab ya?! 

In my excitement about little guy starting solids last week I didn’t correctly plan out his menu. So in not planning carefully and trying to use fresh ingredients in the house I caused a major back up.


YUP! Little guy is constipated, backed up, in need of relief. Let this be a lesson to my solid food feeding parents– mix up the menu and keep in mind the foods that bind (rice cereal, carrots, bananas, apple sauce(though I heard apple juice has the opposite effect)

But this week little guy started carrots since I had fresh carrots in the house and figured they would be tasty – he enjoyed! But a few days in we had apples so I said to myself and little guy, that apples would be a nice treat I think he would enjoy…and enjoy he did. Now here we are and the end of the week and usually he has no problem popping usually he poops 2-3 times and day soft consistency but today his poop was one little pellet ball [uh-oh sure sign of constipation] and he was straining and getting upset. I decided to lay off solids for the rest of the day so we can get his system back on track and move this clog along.

Now there are products in the store

that can help relieve baby such as Mommy’s Bliss homeopathic oral solution for constipation, Pedia-lax, etc. [I encourage parents to consult their pediatrician and read the labels as some products have a recommended age]. I don’t have any of those products in home and didn’t want to run out so here are a few things I am trying…

1. COTTON SWAB IN RECTUM [I never said this{shit}was pretty or fun] lay baby on back, lift legs as if changing diaper and take a cotton swab(q-tip) rub some Vaseline to lubricate and insert into rectum and gently make small circles while moving cotton swab gently back and forth. This can get messy – your baby may pass gas which is a good thing but when you pull out the swab poo may start flowing so be ready. *can also use a thermometer or instead if inserting using your finger apply a bit of pressure around the rectum* This helps with immediate relief.

2. SUGAR WATER [can use white sugar but brown is recommended] take 1 ounce of warm water and a 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar mix it up and give to baby 2-3 times a day before milk and food if you can.

3. PRUNE JUICE [diluted]- I have done about an ounce or two.

4. DARK CORN SYRUP [like the Karo found in your grocery store] take a tablespoon and add to baby’s milk or cereal.

5. RAISINS – take 5 or 6 raisins soak them in water over night, mash them up and strain and give baby the liquid.


7. WARM BATH – should help get stuff moving hopefully not in the tub (didn’t say it wasn’t messy)

There are several more from Castor Oils[call pediatrician] to drinking water. I will say you don’t want to over load on sugars so try to select one remedy.

Understand, this solids thing is all trial and error so we have to be patient and keep our eyes open for anything not okay like constipation, rashes, gas or fussiness. For us, I will do a better job meal planning for little guy and adding foods high in fiber to make sure I’m not backing that butt up. Foods like spinach, peas, beans, sweet potatoes and peaches.

Don’t back that butt up help your little one stay regular and at ease. As for our little guy I opted for the cotton swab remedy as well as the brown sugar water. That way when we got the bowels moving they can keep moving without blockage. Once little guy started going he was still straining and crying but eventually he pushed through and peed all over himself and me but that was my fault because I was trying to soothe and encourage but didn’t teepee the penis not realizing all the pushing and straining might cause him to pee. Into a warm tub we went, which was also doubled as a remedy.

Just know these things have a tendency to work themselves out but these home remedies can help things along and soothe our little people. We want them as happy as can be and we all know when backed up and uncomfortable that makes smiling a challenge.

Homemade baby food 

Little guy started solid food this week!! (We are excited and ready) *Let me take a moment to say this every parent works on their own timeline and does what they feel is best for their children.* With our other two I started solids around 4 months, our oldest just because he just loved to eat he was downing 5-6oz bottles of breastmilk at a time and was very interested in other people’s food. Our daughter, was opposite she was and still is a tiny one and the pediatrician urged us to start solids, we did. But I will say I have friends thay have waited till their babe was 3mos, 9mos or 1 year old so there is a wide range. Our little guy is a week shy of 6 months and we decided to go for it. 

Started with homemade oatmeal (a first for us) I usually just buy Gerber oatmeal or rice cereal but this go around I said, nope!(just [organic] oats, put in blender/bullet and pulse till powder) 

Today, dusted off the trusty Baby Bullet. Had a fresh avocado– which I like to start with because it’s a good fat, so I like to think not only is it good for babe but also helps move things along in the digestive system — which we found out with our daughter the introduction of solids can confuse the system and give the bowels a bit of trouble. 

Just halved the avocado saving the other half for the following day 

Avocado pictured was in the fridge for a day and a half.

 –ha, you just thought to yourself those avocados turn brown as soon as you cut them–true, so what I do is take some oil [I use olive oil] drizzle it on the avocado and spread it thinly across the exposed avocado inners and it keeps from browning so quickly. 

Once halved I scoop out the goodness and put in the blender, add in 2.5 oz. of fresh pumped breastmilk and blend til smooth….Voila! 

Baby approved, made by mommy so I know what’s in it and how fresh the ingredients are! 

Freezer Meals: Lasagna

We are a family of 5 but right now one kid drinks milk from the tap and our toddler has a tummy the size of her little fist. When I make large meals after a night of leftovers my family is ready for something else, so usually food goes to waste. In order to cut down on food wasted (because as I mentioned diapers cost, ha) I’ve decided to freeze and date certain meals for later consumption and convenience. I didn’t slave in a kitchen to have food go to waste no-no-no sooooo freezing it and breaking it out at a later date it is. Stews, soups and lasagna make large batches so I’m starting there. This past Sunday I made Lasagna Roll-ups [or as I call it lasagna without the commitment] using ground beef and spinach (♡ big hit with the family ♡) and I ended up having enough ingredients left over to make a small lasagna. 

Today my son wanted a piece so I cut his share and divided the rest. I figured someone will want it for lunch, a quick dinner for kids or just wanting some of mom’s lasagna. Now I’ve seen people freeze a whole lasagna or they make small portions in those individual foil pans but I had neither. I have a few pieces that I want to save.
I took my pieces and wrapped them tightly in Cling Saran Wrap – though I’m sure the press and seal would work best – but we are all out. 

Once my pieces were wrapped tightly I placed them in a freezer bag,  removed as much air from the bag as I could making sure it didn’t balloon when I sealed it closed.

And then into the freezer they go!

I’m excited to be able to reach into the freezer and have a ready-made meal and even better no food is wasted <happy dance> 

Out the Package: The Munch Mitt

We’ve approached that time when our babe seeks to gnaw on anything — yup TEETHING. I had been scrolling through countless teethers and reading and then I came across the Munch Mitt (Baby Teething Mitten), I thought what a great idea. How could I pass up an item that’s marketed as…”the ‘handy’ undroppable, unstoppable teething mit.”

This product is made with food grade silicone, BPA and Phthalate free, it’s convenient, easy to clean and gives little ones who may not have the dexterity to hold on to teethers for an extended period of time the ease of having a teether at their fingertips…oh and did I mention hands-free?! Hands-free is the way to be! 

Order was placed, 2-days later it arrived and I took it for a dip in boiling water for several minutes, set it aside to dry. Once dry I put it into the ‘handy’ travel bag provided and into the diaper bag it went. When I went to use it I just slipped our little guy’s hand into the mitt and fastened it closed not too tight but also not to the point he can fling it across the room. And being as though he’s in the “everything in my mouth phase”–no instruction or demonstration necessary– it was a matter of seconds before the mitt found it’s way into the slobber baby’s mouth as he gnawed it quietly – kept him busy for quite some time. 

I’ll leave you with this if you are looking for a product that is safe and easy to use, protects baby’s hand from excessive chewing and drool, provides soothing teething relief all the while allowing you to be hands-free and not having to keep chasing down and washing off teethers than search no further this is the product for you and your baby!

The recommended age is for babies 3 months to 1 year (though the website suggests wear from 3mos-8mos). Cost is $17.99+shipping on the Munch Mitt website but it’s also for sale in local stores like Learning Express or my go-to Amazon (as a Prime member I get free two-day shipping) and the Mitt was $18.88 but is now showing $16.99. 

This “handy” teether is worth every penny, though I will say I wouldn’t pay over $20 for it, while it’s a great product I am a frugal mama and these diapers cost. But for the cost you get a great product, soothing relief for baby and you are supporting a fellow mom[parent] who has a helpful invention.

¤¤it’s only been a week of use and we are enjoying it but I will update this post over time to see how this teether holds up

Traveled with Baby pt.1


It’s was the night before travel and all through the house last minute packing was done by both me and my spouse. Our 4 month old looked on as I kept asking… “What am I forgetting?” He smiled and coo’d and gave us a great #2 all that aside I realized… this is a fun age to travel with babe. He drinks from the tap so no bottles needed and the rest is quite simple.

  1. Diapers(necessary though we can buy anywhere if we didn’t pack enough)
  2. Wipes (keep them handy)
  3. Most important: baby wrap for baby wearing with ease K’tan is my favorite (click product name to be directed to website)
  4. Onesies, sleepers, dress outfit and crib shoes
  5. Receiving blanket and a couple cloth diapers for wiping drool, spit up and things like that.
  6. Warm blanket
  7. Couple hats
  8. Pacifier and favorite stuffed animal
  9. Snack with almonds(for me my fave nursing snack!)

Since I baby wear there is no need to bring a stroller and we decided to rent a carseat since we were getting a rental car– so those two things alone made for a nice weekend trip with no bulky items.

Now I’ve traveled with my two oldest before and aside from a trip out of the country requiring a passport I’ve never had to show anything for the infant on lap. During the night before preparation, my husband asked if I should bring DR3’s birth certificate and I said I never had to before (I’m so against a carrying the children’s important documents if I don’t need to) fast forward to the next morning, day of travel. Parked, strapped in baby, hopped on shuttle to the airport, arrive at the Southwest Air counter and the attendant asks us for a birth certificate, shot records or baby’s insurance card (naturally my husband gives me the look). I provided the baby’s health insurance card. Now the attendant explained the reason for asking is a regulation to help cut down on child trafficking/kidnapping. I appreciate the precaution and decided to pass the information along to my readers. My husband says walking away I told ya…I said no, you asked me. If you would have said to me bring it just in case or told me our friend who works for southwest stated we should bring it then I would have but the insurance card worked as well.


We got to our gate and our baby was just as alert as he wanted to be smiling at all he encountered getting all the attention-ooohs and awws. We boarded when they announced family boarding was a fairly empty flight so we had the row to ourselves. Before flight I was required to remove baby from carrier or detach as the flight attendant stated.

I put our little guy to boob and he nursed during takeoff 20170303_093109.jpg(I do that to not only get baby to sleep but to also help with ears popping). He went fast to sleep and I put his paci in his mouth to be sure that his ears would equalize during the flight–I don’t know about you but my ears don’t only pop during takeoff and landing but often during flight as well. So since baby has no idea how to equalize we go with the swallowing method[it activates the muscles that open tube] Medical professionals advise not letting baby sleep during descent but I either breastfeed or tug on the Pacifier during descent and that causes baby to start sucking on the paci thus triggering the swallowing that helps equalize pressure and allows baby to stay asleep peacefully – makes for a nice quiet flight for baby, parents and those on board. He did fantastic. And received a lot of compliments on being a well behaved [quiet] baby traveler.
Repeat that for 2 more flights [yup, you read right] we had a layover and so we took another flight which had a stop we didn’t get off but other passengers got on so we flew the friendly skies and landed 3 times that day and our little guy was fantastic. No fuss, a bit of chatter, easy to change on the changing table in plane bathroom, a lot of smiling and oodles of sleep!

Recap: If traveling domestically with children bring either their Passport, Birth Certificate, Immunizations record or Health Insurance card. 

Traveling with Babe

Just stopped by this wonderful blog because it caught my attention as we prepare to fly with our soon to be 4 mos old in a couple weeks. The tips and advice provided are super helpful, easy to remember and I especially love the product links. Looking forward to a smooth traveling experience!



Don’t freak out.  Don’t be intimidated. You can do it!

Here’s how we travel with a 3 to 8 month old babe.  What do you do??

1. Buying your tickets
Children fly free up until 2 yrs old. When purchasing your flights ensure that you add an infant while making your reservation. If the online checkout doesn’t have the option, then call the airline after purchase. Airlines seat you in window seats and in certain sections of the plane. Best to not just show up with an infant. It may mess up their whole seating setup. To avoid issues through security, ensure they give you a boarding pass for the baby or include her name on your boarding pass

2. Baggage
Your carry on will now mostly be a baby travel survival kit. So you’ll most likely check a bag. Ensure you check pricing for that for each airline.


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