Why I No Longer Thank My Husband…

Being a work from home mom[YUP, I work a 40 hour week while tending to a 3 yr old and an infant–I walk on the wild side!] I spend my days doing what seems like working around the clock my jobs blend because they are in fact blending I can’t say to work I have a sick baby hold on and I can’t say to the kids I can’t feed you til I get my lunch break so everything bunches together. Well because of that sometimes I jump at going to the nail salon, getting my hair done or what used to be yoga[have to get back to that] but basically anything that let’s me be kid free for a bit. So I make sure hubs has instructions (give baby this many ounces, leftovers or nuggets for dinner), blah blah blah and out the door I go…

I enjoy my time and head home.

When I arrive at home I always ask how were they for you? I know, he’s not the babysitter but I’m curious — wanting to know were they a chaotic bunch, rowdy, bickering and baby fussing or were they charming and delightful [secretly hoping for the first scenario so he gets a dose of my daily struggle] and then I say Thank You so much- – and I wonder how many moms say Thank You to their husband or the father of their children for them getting a moment to themselves. I used to say Thank You, for the moments he tended to babe while I took a long hot shower. WHY? This is what we are supposed to do/be…relief for one another, help mates, a tag team or whatever you want to call it, but we’ve gotten away from that. I do majority of the tending and when I get away the first thing I do is show gratitude…But this isn’t something he has ever had to think of, he’s never come home and said “thank you felt so good to get out for my weekly bowling league with the guys, how were the kids?” When he runs somewhere kid-free he doesn’t come home and say Thank You. When he gets a long hot shower and time to shave without interruption he doesn’t say Thank You and the reason being is because it’s expected and because it’s not even something that crosses his mind. This isn’t a bash session this is just the way some of us are conditioned we don’t get a lot of time to ourselves so when we do we are appreciative and thankful to the person that granted us our moment of freedom. 

So yesterday I went to get my hair done, gave my usual instructions and out the door I went. Upon my arrival all kids were asleep and so was hubs. I said hello, I’m back and good night. I had time to eat, pee and pump before infant had me back to mom duty.

I say all this to say Moms we are deserving of time away from the kids[doesn’t make us a bad mom or negligent]…be it a long 20 minute shower, going for a walk, grocery shopping, spas, brunch with girlfriends, weekly fitness classes, whatever and we shouldn’t feel guilty or feel saved when the other parent takes over so we can do those things. While yes we do appreciate it we should expect it[we aren’t abandoning our family we are simply hitting pause]. We shouldn’t have to ask or beg for it, we should be a team–coordinate schedules and communicate. But one parent should never feel trapped or like they got their [pardon] papers to grab some kid-free time.

Freezer Meals: Lasagna

We are a family of 5 but right now one kid drinks milk from the tap and our toddler has a tummy the size of her little fist. When I make large meals after a night of leftovers my family is ready for something else, so usually food goes to waste. In order to cut down on food wasted (because as I mentioned diapers cost, ha) I’ve decided to freeze and date certain meals for later consumption and convenience. I didn’t slave in a kitchen to have food go to waste no-no-no sooooo freezing it and breaking it out at a later date it is. Stews, soups and lasagna make large batches so I’m starting there. This past Sunday I made Lasagna Roll-ups [or as I call it lasagna without the commitment] using ground beef and spinach (♡ big hit with the family ♡) and I ended up having enough ingredients left over to make a small lasagna. 

Today my son wanted a piece so I cut his share and divided the rest. I figured someone will want it for lunch, a quick dinner for kids or just wanting some of mom’s lasagna. Now I’ve seen people freeze a whole lasagna or they make small portions in those individual foil pans but I had neither. I have a few pieces that I want to save.
I took my pieces and wrapped them tightly in Cling Saran Wrap – though I’m sure the press and seal would work best – but we are all out. 

Once my pieces were wrapped tightly I placed them in a freezer bag,  removed as much air from the bag as I could making sure it didn’t balloon when I sealed it closed.

And then into the freezer they go!

I’m excited to be able to reach into the freezer and have a ready-made meal and even better no food is wasted <happy dance> 

Traveled with Baby pt.1


It’s was the night before travel and all through the house last minute packing was done by both me and my spouse. Our 4 month old looked on as I kept asking… “What am I forgetting?” He smiled and coo’d and gave us a great #2 all that aside I realized… this is a fun age to travel with babe. He drinks from the tap so no bottles needed and the rest is quite simple.

  1. Diapers(necessary though we can buy anywhere if we didn’t pack enough)
  2. Wipes (keep them handy)
  3. Most important: baby wrap for baby wearing with ease K’tan is my favorite (click product name to be directed to website)
  4. Onesies, sleepers, dress outfit and crib shoes
  5. Receiving blanket and a couple cloth diapers for wiping drool, spit up and things like that.
  6. Warm blanket
  7. Couple hats
  8. Pacifier and favorite stuffed animal
  9. Snack with almonds(for me my fave nursing snack!)

Since I baby wear there is no need to bring a stroller and we decided to rent a carseat since we were getting a rental car– so those two things alone made for a nice weekend trip with no bulky items.

Now I’ve traveled with my two oldest before and aside from a trip out of the country requiring a passport I’ve never had to show anything for the infant on lap. During the night before preparation, my husband asked if I should bring DR3’s birth certificate and I said I never had to before (I’m so against a carrying the children’s important documents if I don’t need to) fast forward to the next morning, day of travel. Parked, strapped in baby, hopped on shuttle to the airport, arrive at the Southwest Air counter and the attendant asks us for a birth certificate, shot records or baby’s insurance card (naturally my husband gives me the look). I provided the baby’s health insurance card. Now the attendant explained the reason for asking is a regulation to help cut down on child trafficking/kidnapping. I appreciate the precaution and decided to pass the information along to my readers. My husband says walking away I told ya…I said no, you asked me. If you would have said to me bring it just in case or told me our friend who works for southwest stated we should bring it then I would have but the insurance card worked as well.


We got to our gate and our baby was just as alert as he wanted to be smiling at all he encountered getting all the attention-ooohs and awws. We boarded when they announced family boarding was a fairly empty flight so we had the row to ourselves. Before flight I was required to remove baby from carrier or detach as the flight attendant stated.

I put our little guy to boob and he nursed during takeoff 20170303_093109.jpg(I do that to not only get baby to sleep but to also help with ears popping). He went fast to sleep and I put his paci in his mouth to be sure that his ears would equalize during the flight–I don’t know about you but my ears don’t only pop during takeoff and landing but often during flight as well. So since baby has no idea how to equalize we go with the swallowing method[it activates the muscles that open tube] Medical professionals advise not letting baby sleep during descent but I either breastfeed or tug on the Pacifier during descent and that causes baby to start sucking on the paci thus triggering the swallowing that helps equalize pressure and allows baby to stay asleep peacefully – makes for a nice quiet flight for baby, parents and those on board. He did fantastic. And received a lot of compliments on being a well behaved [quiet] baby traveler.
Repeat that for 2 more flights [yup, you read right] we had a layover and so we took another flight which had a stop we didn’t get off but other passengers got on so we flew the friendly skies and landed 3 times that day and our little guy was fantastic. No fuss, a bit of chatter, easy to change on the changing table in plane bathroom, a lot of smiling and oodles of sleep!

Recap: If traveling domestically with children bring either their Passport, Birth Certificate, Immunizations record or Health Insurance card. 

Pregnant Again?.

Have you ever heard a more cringe worthy question?.

…it’s like you are the Duggars and you are at 20 and counting

…it’s like you have 6 children all 10 months apart

…it’s like you have been mistaken for bunnies


well that wasn’t the question it was GIRL…ARE YOU HAVING ANOTHER ONE!?!?!?! But what I heard was DAMN, YOU PREGNANT AGAIN????

BUT it got me thinking, are we now the generation that puts off having children till later in life but then only have one…maybe two? So they judge and are almost shocked when the number of children out numbers the parents. I shouldn’t say judge it’s more like a “WHY, would you do that” as they look at you puzzled. And then they joke that with their one child maybe they should “catch up.” Ummm I had no clue this was a race…I sort of thought we just do whatever the hell we want in our little bubble and you do the same in yours. It’s not like we are setting up Go Fund Me accounts to help us raise our many children or better yet we don’t have any tv commercials or a telethon asking to sponsor one of our children for cents a day. Like Geez…we are on our 3rd child with no plan for more.

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my SONshine

The day my motherhood journey began…image

I was at the tender age of 19 {oh, I guess I can be honest on here} okay I was at the tender age of 24. After 10 hours of labor this light baby with reddish hair and bright pink lips emerged – he was so beautiful. Such an easy baby…didn’t cry unless he was hungry or wanted mommy cuddles. He and I were inseparable. I couldn’t bear to go back to work leaving him so I quit my job and started working from home part-time.  I felt as though no one could care for him the way I could.  I had also started my breastfeeding journey ❤ he and I struggled with it at first but once we got the hang of it he really packed on the pounds.

Happy healthy baby what more could I ask for…fast forward 10 YEARS….where does time go? He’s still happy and healthy but certainly not a baby anymore. image

He was my life’s calm… He came during a time when I was discovering who I was as a woman-learning my true strengths-living through challenges all while battling in a relationship (marriage) that wasn’t right for him or I – it wasn’t easy or pleasant and it tested everything in me. But through it all he and I survived and came out stronger than ever. There is no way I could let the day pass after 10 years without reflecting on how far we have both come!

He’s grown own into a wonderful little guy I look forward to every milestone and being there through it  — all along with the village that stands behind us in support.


toddler’s artwork

The other day on the news I saw that there was going to be a special in-depth report about grafitti in Philadelphia and how it costs the city all this money….well if you walk through our house you can see that we have a grafitti artist in the making. She has tagged important documents, baseboards, innocent shelves lying around to be hung, walls in her brothers room {where her finest most detailed work is}, night stands and at times she’s so skilled…herself.  I have said over and over write on paper and have provided scratch paper and coloring books for her enjoyment – but nope her itchy fingers if they get ahold of anything she can write with she heads straight for  an open plot of space to tag.

Thankful for eggshell paint and magic erasers but on the other hand sharpie markers up against anything and there must be some repainting.

any tips or tricks for how to get her to channel that creativity and artistic expression onto paper? <Time-outs and discussions> tried them she says okay mommy and next thing I know I find a newly tagged area. HELP!

30 weeks & Road Tripping

Currently traveling 401 miles in the car for approximately 7 hours and crossing through 6 states to spend a week of relaxation with family. Screenshot_2016-08-22-15-03-33How do you stay comfortable? How do you figure out your ETA when you have to make frequent stops? There should’ve a pregnancy setting on the Waze or Google maps app

have to keep my water intake up and with a growing baby thumping on the bladder and road bumps it’s recipe for accidents -and I don’t mean motor vehicle- {I kid, well kinda} so have to stop and make frequent bathroom visits

I have to tell ya we carry our 2 yr old’s portable potty and I seriously considered using it during the ride so we didn’t have to stop again and again. The only reason I seriously reconsidered was the fact that it’s super tiny and way low to the ground it would be a mission fail with some disgusted road trip mates wondering why the eff didn’t I just ask them to pull over. And I imagined that even though in the van with my brothers and their girlfriends and my parents there is nothing grand about having to have them help lift my pregnant booty off a tiny seat on the floor of a rental van-while I wince in pain because my sciatica is too much-all the while knocking over a tiny tot pot full of pee {No Thanks I’ll pass and keep my dignity}and yup  all of that flashed before my eyes.

since getting pregnant this go around, I haven’t taken a trip longer than an hour so I’m unsure if I swell but occasionally I’ve been flexing and pointing my feet and making circles s well as raising my arms above my head and making wrist circles starting in one direction and then changing directions. Figured it be best to keep the circulation going and keep my mind on that instead of the car full talking about Pokemon GO and Poke stops [insert eye roll]

So for me, keeping my legs elevated, shoes kicked off, snacks on deck is how I stay comfortable; And with my parents driving gives me a chance to check emails, pay bills, return texts and work on my blog, of course!