Ha did that title grab ya?! 

In my excitement about little guy starting solids last week I didn’t correctly plan out his menu. So in not planning carefully and trying to use fresh ingredients in the house I caused a major back up.


YUP! Little guy is constipated, backed up, in need of relief. Let this be a lesson to my solid food feeding parents– mix up the menu and keep in mind the foods that bind (rice cereal, carrots, bananas, apple sauce(though I heard apple juice has the opposite effect)

But this week little guy started carrots since I had fresh carrots in the house and figured they would be tasty – he enjoyed! But a few days in we had apples so I said to myself and little guy, that apples would be a nice treat I think he would enjoy…and enjoy he did. Now here we are and the end of the week and usually he has no problem popping usually he poops 2-3 times and day soft consistency but today his poop was one little pellet ball [uh-oh sure sign of constipation] and he was straining and getting upset. I decided to lay off solids for the rest of the day so we can get his system back on track and move this clog along.

Now there are products in the store

that can help relieve baby such as Mommy’s Bliss homeopathic oral solution for constipation, Pedia-lax, etc. [I encourage parents to consult their pediatrician and read the labels as some products have a recommended age]. I don’t have any of those products in home and didn’t want to run out so here are a few things I am trying…

1. COTTON SWAB IN RECTUM [I never said this{shit}was pretty or fun] lay baby on back, lift legs as if changing diaper and take a cotton swab(q-tip) rub some Vaseline to lubricate and insert into rectum and gently make small circles while moving cotton swab gently back and forth. This can get messy – your baby may pass gas which is a good thing but when you pull out the swab poo may start flowing so be ready. *can also use a thermometer or instead if inserting using your finger apply a bit of pressure around the rectum* This helps with immediate relief.

2. SUGAR WATER [can use white sugar but brown is recommended] take 1 ounce of warm water and a 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar mix it up and give to baby 2-3 times a day before milk and food if you can.

3. PRUNE JUICE [diluted]- I have done about an ounce or two.

4. DARK CORN SYRUP [like the Karo found in your grocery store] take a tablespoon and add to baby’s milk or cereal.

5. RAISINS – take 5 or 6 raisins soak them in water over night, mash them up and strain and give baby the liquid.


7. WARM BATH – should help get stuff moving hopefully not in the tub (didn’t say it wasn’t messy)

There are several more from Castor Oils[call pediatrician] to drinking water. I will say you don’t want to over load on sugars so try to select one remedy.

Understand, this solids thing is all trial and error so we have to be patient and keep our eyes open for anything not okay like constipation, rashes, gas or fussiness. For us, I will do a better job meal planning for little guy and adding foods high in fiber to make sure I’m not backing that butt up. Foods like spinach, peas, beans, sweet potatoes and peaches.

Don’t back that butt up help your little one stay regular and at ease. As for our little guy I opted for the cotton swab remedy as well as the brown sugar water. That way when we got the bowels moving they can keep moving without blockage. Once little guy started going he was still straining and crying but eventually he pushed through and peed all over himself and me but that was my fault because I was trying to soothe and encourage but didn’t teepee the penis not realizing all the pushing and straining might cause him to pee. Into a warm tub we went, which was also doubled as a remedy.

Just know these things have a tendency to work themselves out but these home remedies can help things along and soothe our little people. We want them as happy as can be and we all know when backed up and uncomfortable that makes smiling a challenge.